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Curious about LASIK? Ever wondered about the impact it could have on your vision and your daily life? Join us at Northern Eye Center PA of Brainerd, Minnesota for a free screening to learn if you’re a candidate for IntraLase – a completely blade-free form of LASIK.

  • Better results with faster recovery

  • Out-patient surgery

  • Chosen over alternative methods 3-to-1

  • No heat or damage to face or eyes

  • Wider range of candidates

The benefits of LASIK are clear

All procedures are completed by Dr. David Sabir, performing the latest technology of intralase bladeless LASIK surgery. Call today to schedule your FREE screening to determine your eligibility for LASIK!

See a difference with Dr. Sabir

The IntraLase method is a 100% blade-free approach to LASIK from start to finish. It is a more accurate method, allowing the doctor more control to tailor the procedure to each individual and each eye.

A closer look at LASIK, the Intralase method

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